My personal X-Mas Wish List 😀

The final steps to reach perfection for my use-cases, in order of importance :grinning:

  • ARC support for Google Cast on iOS (and vice versa on Android/Airplay if possible, don‘t know much about Android…)

  • My Live Radio in ARC

  • User management with the ability to differentiate between „admins“ and users with „read only“ permissions

Yes, I voted already for all three topics :grinning:

Otherwise, thanx for a GREAT, enjoyable product, happy and safe holidays to all of you and your beloved ones and keep on enjoying the music!

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Mine is that Roon ARC becomes more robust and they perfect a Roon ARC CarPlay integration.

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Mine is that Roon knows my mood and changes the song playing accordingly :wink:


One reason I am not interested in ARC at this time. Maybe they will get it sorted out and stable in '23.

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You’ll have to wait for Roon X and the Roon Ready Neural Interface Implant or the ARC Remote Sensory Implant Mark 3 more commonly referred to as ARS3 :grin:


It’s been a few years since Apple bought this company.

If they’re using the tech it’s back office stuff, probably supplying facial feedback data to advertisers. Here’s a DIY starter for 10.


Yes, that would be perfect!

The ability to make any track a composition even if Roon metadata does not identify it as one

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