My pixel 6 loses connection with the roon core

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core is on my Windows 10, Core i7, 32g ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP Link Wifi 6 router, ax3000/ax50

Connected Audio Devices

i am connecting to the roon through cocktail time n50 or node 2i

Number of Tracks in Library

9385 tracks

Description of Issue

It connects fine with my old Pixel 3 and after not connecting initially, for about two months, it has worked fine with my Pixel 6. Tonight it could not find the core from the pixel 6, the Pixel 3 had no problem. I have not installed any new apps on the pixel 6 since it last connected. my pixel 6 is my primary phone and primary roon remote.

Is your phone on the same network and not using the cellular net?
Is it using a VPN? If so you will need to turn it off.

Yes, it is on the same network and not using the cellular net and not using a vpn. Nothing has changed on the phone from when it successfully accessed Roon to last night when it did not.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app; then rebooted my computer and suddenly the phone could find the roon core again.

This is a major annoyance, but since the Pixel automatically reconnects to the Google Fi VPN after a few minutes and that prevents me from seeing the core, I have to disable it every time I want to use the phone for Roon (to include multiple times during the same listening session).

Can you switch the VPN to manual connection, or does it automatically reconnect?

I also have google fi …it does not interfere with Roon…I also had it on my Pixel 3 and there was no problem

It automatically reconnects after a short interval. However, deep diving the settings this morning after reading this prompted me to try again, I was able to find a way to give specific apps an exception to routing through the VPN, and it now appears to be working ok.


Good news.
I have Google One VPN and that is easily switched on and off as needed.
Good that you can do that and others can hopefully benefit from you finding it

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