My pixel cannot find the Roon core

Roon Core Machine

Docker container – Linux
1.8 (build 831) stable

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core / docker is wired.
Entering this address into the ‘Help’ box on the phone works.

Connected Audio Devices

Not relevant.

Number of Tracks in Library

Not relevant.

Description of Issue

Android app never finds the core unless I manually put in the IP address. Mac app works fine.

What WiFi router? Any WiFi access points?

C3000Z. Just the one, no other sps.

Your router is dropping multicast, which will not work in Roon discovery.

Try this to enable multicast:


Hey @Benson_Margulies,

It’s been a lot longer than we had hoped to get back to you…:pleading_face:. Please, accept our apologies.

@wklie’s advice is a great step to try. Could you please let us know if it helped?

In the interim I replaced that router with a Unifi gateway and things seem to work fine.

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What an inspired idea, @Benson_Margulies :partying_face:

Please, keep us posted if the issue resurfaces :nerd_face: