(My) Playlist : always returning to beginning

It doesn’t if you do anything other than leave the Roon window open. Read some Mail, use your browser, anything else and the Album list will go back to the beginning when you return to it.

I haven’t had that problem with the “Albums” view with the Roon window open. For me, Roon jumps back to the beginning of the alphabet only when I use the playlist view.

My experience is the same as yours as long as I stay in the Roon window. It’s when I close the window to do something else that there’s a problem. I come back to the Roon window, click the left arrow and it goes back to the album view. But it goes back to the beginning of the album list, not to where I was in the list. There are lots of posts on this forum describing the exact, same behavior so I know I’m not alone in experiencing it.

I certainly wasn’t doubting you. I was just puzzled because I haven’t experienced what you mention. I’ll look for the other posts you reference, as now I am curious. I suppose I should be grateful that so far the album view is behaving (for me) in a reasonable way.