My playlists don't work anymore!

Hi guys, had to copy my music library to an other hd, everything went well, or so I thought, I have Roon watch my iTunes folder, all the music is there, but when I tried to play one of my playlists it says it is not available!
If I ad another song, then that one gets available.

would appreciate if someone could me out.

PS. another short question: Is it possible to get a Roon playlist into Tidal ?

Hey @Pall_Silvan_Ennigard – can you look over the “Testing Your iTunes Sync” section here and confirm iTunes is updating your XML file?

Once you’ve confirmed that, can you also confirm that iTunes has the updated location of your files and playlists? You should be able to play them in iTunes to confirm this.

Not right now – playlists sync is one way for the moment, meaning they go from your TIDAL account to Roon.