"My Playlists" from Tidal. Where?

Under Tital Favorites, I can only see “My” artists, albums, and tracks. Will Tidal playlists that I’ve favored be available at some point too?

Hi Fred,

You’ll find your Tidal playlists in the Playlist Browser on the left of the screen, but clicking on the 3 line navigation icon.

In the Playlist Browser, at the top left of the screen, you with see the My Playlists dropdown menu. If accessed, you will see Shared Playlists. If Shared Playlists is set to On (blue), it will show all imported playlists (including Tidal) and your user playlists. If it’s set to Off (white), you will only see your user playlists.

You will find more information on Playlists here.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you!