'My Playlists' scrolling behaviour different from other screens

I have to use a different method to scroll down the ‘My Playlists’ screen. I can’t just scroll with a mouse wheel like other screens, has to be scrolled by grabbing the sidebar indicator.

This is within the Mac OS remote. Not iOS remote.

I don’t think any of the roon team ever go there so they wouldn’t notice. No playlist love in 6 years.

This is my fear. Abandoning the large library management aspects for streaming consumers.

With further investigation I found that it does scroll on the text but not the areas either side of the text which is different behaviour from other screens (where a cursor in the blank areas either side of the text allows scrolling).

Streaming consumers still use playlists, perhaps even more so as there are so many available.

You’re right. I think they might get pushed down the ‘here’s a mix for you’ route overall.

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