My repaired Nucleus is not connecting to my Core, even though it's showring up?

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I sent my Roon Nucleus in (through Argenta in Sandy, Utah) to be repaired. I plugged it back on and it shows up on my network. The problem is when I try to Connect it to my Roon Core (to get my music back!) it says I’m already signed in and won’t connect?

When I open the Roon app on my desktop it asks me to connect to my Core, and has a green light that says READY. When I press Connect it tells me to sign-in. I do that and it takes me to a page that says I’m already signed in?

I’ve been waiting for this unit to be repaired for quite some time and this is REALLY disappointing.

Please advise. Thank you

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Can you get to the WebUI? If so, you might try each of the following, restarting the server, reinstalling the server, and lastly resetting the Roon database. The resetting would be a last resort, though. The first two are less impactful.

Beyond the above, you might try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it?

Maybe you need to click the back arrow to then unauthorize the Roon core on your PC.

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Thanks Jim, that’s what I finally ended up doing…and it worked! Now I’m trying to get my Bluesound Node connected.

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Now my Forced Rescan does not work? I’m adding files to my Library (which is set to be scanned), which in the past, I would click Forced Rescan and I could watch it scan my files (~55,000) and the new files would appear. Now I click the Forced Rescan and NOTHING happens? Any advice?
I just got my Roon back after having the motherboard ($720 out of warranty) replaced by Roon.

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