My resolution of linn ds issues

I have struggled with linn klimax issues for a while
Same as many have discussed
Freeze at end of songs
iPad not following as songs continue to play
Need to forward songs to reset
Need to reboot

My set up 3 linn klimax ds
Roon nucleus

My house has multiple netgear switches to a main netgear switch to netgear router

I always felt that the nucleus should go to the router direct for best play

I noticed that two of my klimax ds which I added recently never had problems. Unfortunately the one klimax with the problems was my main listening area

Interestingly the klimax with issues sat next to the room nucleus
The klimax went through a local switch to a second switch
The nucleus bypassed the second switch and went to my router same place where the new klimax ds entered the network .

I switched this set up having the roon nucleus going via 2 switch route and the klimax entering downstream at router.

This seems to have solved my issues!!!

Hopefully this could be helpful to anyone struggling with linn klimax


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Are those managed or unmanaged Netgear switches? I’ve had Roon/Linn issues with managed Netgear switches. OTOH, managed Unifi switches have had no problems. Unmanaged Netgear switches seem less finicky, but the Unifi switches I’ve been using are the least troublesome.