My Roon App cannot find my Roon Core (macOS)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

macOS Mojave 10.14.6, MacPro 12 Core (Mid 2020) with 128GB Ram and 1TB SSD, I can’t get the version number but I always kept the app right up to date.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

I have a 1GB fibre to the home connection.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

ARCAM irDAC via USB plus my MacPro 12 Core plus pair of Audio Engine A5+ Speakers. All works fine when I play my music direct from TIDAL, all audio is perfect. Issue only is with ROON.

Description Of Issue

Yesterday I had a power outage and after I rebooted my computer the ROON app would launch and not find my ROON Core, I ask the software to find my ROON Core and it can’t find it. I have backups setup… so that’s all there… but I dunno how to use what limited access I have to the Roon app to get that backup operating.

Can you please assist…?


Hi @Anthony_McCarthy,

It sounds like the power outage might have caused an issue with Roon starting properly.

Can you please use these instructions to send me a set of your Roon logs?

If you have any issues accessing the logs or don’t have file transfer services, just let me know, thanks!

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Hello Noris….

I don’t even seem to be able to find my RoonServer Core folder… all I seem to be able to locate is the Dropbox backup version that I have on file… I have it on my OneDrive also… but my Dropbox is my most reliable as I watched that update many times.

Does that help you in anyway…

Thank you also for your help and assistance on this issue.

Very sorry to disturb you again Noris… but I have been over a full week now without my Roon Core and I’m really struggling without my Roon library… I still dunno what really happened… all was working fine up until the power outage… and now I can’t even find my main Roon Core folder… but I do know I have those backs so I’m really hoping and praying now that these files can save my Roon Core and get me back up and listening again.

Have you any update…? I really appreciate all your help and assistance on this… as no one else has even responded and I’m hoping my backup files will help you assist me.

Talk again soon… :slight_smile:


Hello @Anthony_McCarthy,

Apologies for the delay while you case reached my queue again.

The Roon app should have been installed under your Mac’s ~Library path, do you not see a Roon folder there?

If you have the backups folder, you can also download the latest Roon version we have from our Downloads Page and restore the backup using the instructions provided in our Backup documentation.

Thank you so so much for coming back to me on this… sorry for the extra push… but I’m lost without my ROON!! lol Backup restore in progress… very slow… 90mins to get to 50%… but if it gets my Core back up and running it will be worth the wait.

I also found the original Roon folder in my Library…as you had given instruction to locate, but I went with the Restore option as I asked Roon to find my Core and it failed again and I didn’t know how to point it directly at the folder.

Thank you again for all your help and assistance with this issue.


Bad news Noris… after hours of restoring from my backup… I was asked to relaunch and login to my account… as soon as I did… I got the attached message… so now I’m back to square one… as how do I get my Roon Core working… should I reauthorize my computer that I have use and have used for ROON…? How do I fix this…? :frowning:
!Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 12.22.28|690x467

Just click on unauthorize. You will be able to proceed afterwards.

Thank you so much Bart… that really helped and things have definitely progressed… but now when I check progress on my library… I get the attached… and I have checked my software and it says the ROON software is up to date… will that progress bar progress any further… it just seems to be stalled…?

Hello again Bart… a quick update… the syncing process seems to have completed… so no more progress bar stalling… which is great and my library looks all back to normal and in sync with my TIDAL activities.

Thank you and to Noris also and the whole ROON team for getting me back up and running.


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Cheers. Happy listening!


Hi @Anthony_McCarthy

Thanks for letting us know the issues are resolved! Yes, some initial matching up of the database contents is to be expected when you restore the backup.

Thanks again for working with us here to troubleshoot the issue and I wish you a relaxing listening experience! :headphones:

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