My Roon does not see Songs on new Nucleus Plus Internal storage

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Roon does not see songs on new Nucleus Plus Internal storage where they are saved.

I bought it from Roon with 4TB already installed. I can see songs on internal storage of Nucleus plus when I put in network path.

I have tried to force rescan in Roon settings but it doesn’t say it is adding any songs. Please Help.

The nucleus will have a system disk and the extra storage disk. Are you sure you put them on the right one?

They are located on what is called internal disk on the nucleus . I can see them through Finder on Nucleus Plus.

From the Nucleus Internal Storage FAQ

You can copy music to this drive by visiting the network share:

  1. From a Windows PC

  2. Open File Explorer

  3. Enter \NUCLEUS\Data\Storage\InternalStorage

  4. If you have issues connecting, please see this article for additional help

  5. From a Mac

  6. Open Finder

  7. Press Command + K

  8. Enter smb://NUCLEUS/Data/Storage/InternalStorage

Be sure to replace NUCLEUS with NUCLEUSPLUS if you have a Nucleus+ If asked for a username and password, use Guest for both.

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