My ROON Sysem will not play DSD files without white noise

Roon Core Machine

Roon ROCK, 16 GB RAM, SSD Storage for OS, Intel i7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

EtherRegen Switch > Rock Server> Matrix DDC or Denefrips Gaia DDC > PS Audio DSD

Connected Audio Devices

PS Audio DAC Latest Software I have rolled back the software and reloaded the current software
Files on two external drives 4TB SSD WesternDigital 4tb LaCie Drive

Number of Tracks in Library

102,000 Tracks, 8800 albums

Description of Issue

I have problems playing native DSD files I hear the music at low levels and there is pronounced white noise. I have swapped drives. I have even created a windows server on a notebook and I still have the same problem playing DSD files. I was able to play DoP with ROCK. This doesn’t allow me to play high bitrate files like DSD256 or DSD512 or to use my DDC’s. If I set up sampling to DSD I get the same problem. If @noris can try to address this problem? It has been happening for two weeks now. I assumed that my DDC failed…wrong it’s fine. Something in Roon is causing this problem and I have looked at presets and all is correct. None of the previous problems are like mine.

Is your volume set to 100%? I had this happen as well, and I learned that in order to play native DSD, nothing (including a volume adjustment) can change the stream. This is related to DSD itself, not Roon.

On my setup, playing DSD at any volume less than 100 in Roon results in white noise; the second you set it to 100, everything is perfect (volume needs to be adjusted at your amp).

Hope this helps!

In my case it’s set to device volume. Where were you setting it to 100 I’m not seeing that anywhere?

The problem certainly mimics my system in terms of white noise with DSD. It would explain the problem crossing servers.

I’ve found the volume limits and they are set to 100 in the Sound Location

Try setting it to "fixed volume"and don’t use “volume leveling” either.

I just tried your suggestion and it doesn’t change anything. Still white noise.

Dang, it was worth a try, and sorry it didn’t help…

After reading a complaint on the PS Audio forum about the Denefrips Gaia pin out setting, I made a change. Lo and behold, the problem has been resolved. The I2S pin out was problematic.

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