My RPi 3 Model B bricks while booting RoPieee 061

I have been trying to install and use the latest RoPieee stable release (10/28/17-061), but my new RPi 3 bricks within 5 mins every time I try.

I start with a freshly formatted and flashed 16 Gb Integral Micro SDHC. I connect the RPi 3 to one of my Orbi router’s ethernet ports and to my Modi 2 Uber dac, insert the card, then insert the power cable. Until it bricks, it shows up on my Orbi app’s device list as “wired” with an IP address, and also via ropieee.local. But then both LEDs turn solid red and that’s that: it disappears from Orbi app’s device list and doesn’t connect to roipeee.local.

If I boot from a freshly formatted and flashed card without connecting an ethernet cable, the RPi’s green LED eventually will flash at a steady 1Hz. If I connect it to my router at this point, it is assigned an IP address, but Roon doesn’t see it, no matter what I do. At this point, if I try to restart via roipeee.local, clicking the restart button bricks the unit.

Can anyone help?


Faulty Pi? Try installing Dietpi and see if same thing happens.

Or try another card or re-flashing the card? What type/class of card are you using?

Thanks. I am concerned that it might be the pi. Would also like to try Dietpi, but don’t have ethernet and TV in the same place, or a usb keyboard. Will definitely give Dietpi a try once I pull all the necessary peripherals together. And may get another pi to compare.

Another good idea. I’ve been reflashing the card. The card is an Integral 16 Gb class 10.

you can setup wifi with dietpi after creating the card. You could then do everything through SSH.

I’ll try it. Thanks.

Is the dac pulling power from the usb? I would let the install finish…20 mins to be fairly safe before you connect the dac.

Success! It was a bad card. Replaced it a few minutes ago with a SanDisk and Ropieee was up and running in less than five minutes. Thanks again to all of you for your help and suggestions. I’ll buy another RPi soon and start experimenting with DietPi.