My Samsung phone running Roon but connected to my Marantz receiver?

Hi again. Just curious here. I’ve been using Roon with my Samsung phone (Note20) and tab (S6 Lite). I use a DragonFly Cobalt and headphones with it. I have a sort of accidental Marantz home-theater thing going on that I don’t really use that much (a long story) but now and then I like to play music through it. I usually just do that with my Fire TV 4K stick. The UI is horrible, though, so I don’t do it too much. When I listen this way I don’t really care too much about audio quality, I just want to listen to loud music with my subwoofer. So it doesn’t have to be “official” or whatever.

My Marantz receiver is not Roon Ready or can’t be used as an Endpoint, but that’s okay for now. I’m just wondering how to connect my phone/tab to it.

Just use a cable from the Cobalt to an input on the receiver?

Is this a really bad idea?


Your Phone or Tab is a control device primarily and you are also using it as an endpoint.

You could connect the output of the cobalt to analog left/right INs on the Marantz. There are a lot of ways to do it, depending on your budget and the spare computer hardware you have lying around.

I take it the Marantz doesn’t have Airplay?

Y’know, it didn’t even occur to me to check if my receiver does Airplay.

It does! Thanks!

Marantz SR5015.

It worked great!

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Actually, I just started using a cable between the Marantz and the Cobalt. It sounds so, so much better.