My solution for Roon skipping tracks with tidal

New Roon user here. The subject might have already been discussed.

For roughly 2 months I’ve been struggling with Roon often skipping tracks, displaying a “Tidal/Slow/Connection” message.

Upgraded the Wifi with a tplink mesh, still happened.

Since my home PC and roon server is an old 3rd generation I5, I tried to raise the priority of the Roon process (WIndows 7 Pro OS), and since then not a single skip for a month. Setting the priority (through task manager/processes or “details” in win 10) to just one level above normal priority was enough.
Hope this helps someone.


Hi Omer,

Thanks for the tip.
What were the process you have raised the priority?

I have two process on my windows 10 they are RoonServer.exe and RoonAppliance.

José Pinto

Hi Jose
I think under Win 7 there was only 1 “roon” process. I would try to raise both processes’ priorities and if that helps then return one of them to “normal” priority and find which one benefits from the change.

Thanks Omer,

I found another topic and probably I have two processes because I have installed the server version.
My ROON installation it’s on an old PC without display, keyboard and mouse.
The access is via Remote Desktop.

I have increased both processes, now is waiting to see if there isn’t more skipped track.

José Pinto

Good Jose keep us updated :+1: