My Sonos connect 2 can’t showing up in my roon

Why my Sonos can’t showing up in my roon? Please help me

I had the same issue. What worked for me was the quintessential it solution - restart roon server

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Already to try same step and try for reset . But it’s not work in my roon.

Same issue here … bought a Sonos Roam (my one and only Sonos) to play Roon a bit more flexible in the house, but Roon does not find it (not as Sonos device nor as AirPlay device) …

There is a full threads below, the first have contributions from Sonos Support

and here

Okay, so I have to wait, until the issue is fixed.
As this is my first Sonos device, I never had one working :slight_smile:

My Setup:
Roon 1.8 Build 850 on a Synology DS3615xs
Squeezebox Touch over Squeezebox Streaming, connected to my Yamaha Receiver with wired 5.1 SoundSystem and 4 MusicCast Wireless Speakers

Available, but not used Audio Equipment seen by Roon:
Apple TV 4K over AirPlay Streaming
Sony TV over Chromecast Streaming

My iPad sees and plays the Sonos Roam Speaker over AirPlay and as mentioned above Roon does not show it under Audio Devices.

I look forward to the findings of the Roon Support Team!

Hans there are some things you can do to try and mitigate this that are mentioned in the threads.

Set up reserved addresses in DHCP so these do not move for Roon (as it does not pick up moved addresses)
Move Sonos to wireless only mode with no Ethernet connections.
Reboot Roon environment and :pray: that it all works

Thanks Michael,
I just checked my settings and there is obviously an issue.
All my devices except Sonos Roam are wired in the network.
Sonos Roam is a WiFi only device and in the access point network (wired address of WiFi Router:
Is there a way to tell Roon Core, to look not only for devices on the wired network but also on the WiFi subnet?

Hans without a lot of workarounds and firewall messing about, Roon and Sonos need to be on the same network.
Are you able to add the Sonos to your lan network?

As I read here, all Sonos devices are roon compatible, I thought, I finally found a mobile solution.
However, I’ll not going to move roon core to the WiFi network, for me, the WiFi could not be as reliable and stable as a wired network. A workaround could be to buy a wired Sonos speaker and group it with the Sonos Roam … Sonos is able to sync wired and wireless speakers, Roon obviously not …

Yes Hans, Roon do not recommend WiFi for their system as it needs a robust network so wired is the best option. As the owner of a Roam and a Move I can confirm they both work great with Roon, but Roon is not stable with Sonos for some at the moment.i fixed mine and it has been solid for about 5 weeks now.

You could try a wired Sonos Boost and connect them and that might work, but personally I would wait for the next version of Roon to see if they fix the issues.