My Sooloos playlists aren't appearing on Roon

I migrated after 9 years with a Control 10, Twin Store, MD600, and a pair of DSP8000s.

I have about 3300 albums and 38,000 songs.

I’m keeping the DSP8000s but my music is on a Synology DS418j and the Core is on a 2018 imac with 16GB RAM & an i7 processor, and I’m using a dCS Network Bridge.

I exported the music using the export function of the Control Mac. I’ve got my music, but not the playlists.

Would appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Havelock_Roche,

When you did the migration did you check the Export All Albums And Playlists option? We have some more information about this process in our Knowledge Base.

Thanks for the quick response Dylan. That’s what I remember ticking when it was done (though this was otherwise installed by a professional who has set up Roon many times before, though not from Sooloos).

Could that be the only reason? If so, let me know and I’ll unbox the Control 10 etc and I’ll download it again to another part of the NAS.

Is there any other way of accessing the playlists without having to copy 1.5 plus TB of music?

Thanks once again.

Hi @Havelock_Roche,

I don’t believe it is possible to just export playlist data. When Sooloos exports albums and playlists they can properly create the playlists because they can be sure of where each file is in the playlist. If they’re not also exporting the files they won’t be able to properly know the locations that are needed for the playlists.

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