My Stuff - Tags - Option To Hide Hidden Albums

While the “Show Hidden Tracks And Albums” setting does suppress albums from being show as part of normal viewing and searching, it does not extend to the “My Stuff - Tags” area.

Despite having the setting disabled (not showing hidden), when I look at the Tags area, it shows everything that is hidden.

I would like to request an additional setting switch to suppress hidden albums and tracks from displaying in the Tags area. In other words, when the album / track is hidden, it cannot be seen anywhere.

The reason for this is that album art can be too graphic for young people / visitors and I would like a way to completely suppress the hidden albums and tracks, which is not currently possible.

Thank you kindly!

Hello Benjamin, welcome to the forum. I’ve moved your post into the Feature Suggestions category, where I think it belongs. Posts here are read by the Roon Labs teams, but they very rarely comment directly on them. Don’t forget to click on the Vote button to vote up your suggestion… Thanks.

Hi Benjamin,
I would try to test different user profiles. So you would have some opportunities more.