My suggestions as a local files only user

Hello! First time posting something on here so I hope everything is fine. Below are some suggestions of features that could be added to Roon that I came up during my year+ of using it. It is important to add that I use Roon with local files only so my expectations are probably different than those of you who use it with Qobuz/Tidal/etc. While these suggestions would work best with a properly tagged local file, some of them would be of great use to everyone. Let’s begin!

  • Adding Remixes, Covers, etc in Artist Page

Just like you can select to extract the album version when importing a new file, you should also be able to extract the Artist name behind the Remix/Cover/Flip you’re importing. This should be implemented at a track-by-track basis and not simply reading the album name (think remix only albums). At the moment the Remixing/Remix Engineer/etc. tags you can add to tracks will not add the song in the Artist’s profile, even after identifying an album.

The Remixing/Remix Engineer tags could also be reworked to make the artist appear in its own profile (maybe under production or even a new Remixing/Cover category). This however would be very time consuming to add them manually.

  • Featuring

A similar approach could be taken with artist featuring. When importing, Roon could check for elements like: feat. / ft. / featuring / “with” in the song title or file name to make the featured artist have that song appear on their profile (this is already the case for identified albums most of the times but not so much unidentified, again think local files only).

  • Every album not separated (extra option, sort by date)

My favourite sorting option when viewing an artist discography is by date, however unidentified files will always end up under main albums, separated by the identified albums. A simple fix would be to add a new menu option (currently only Date, Popularity, Title are available) where everything is under one category, ordered by date. This would make browsing so much easier (especially if you add in my previous points with songs that wouldn’t appear regularly like remixes and covers).

Extra points if you could modify what appears when you select this new sorting option (Albums, Singles & EPs, Appearances, Remixes, Covers, featurings).

  • ARC downloading tags offline

At the moment of writing when downloading something with ARC, you will only have an audio file (with artist name, album name and song title). I think an option should be available where the download button also saves the embedded album cover (at moment it only appears if it was cached before), embedded lyrics, composers and any other tag in the file.

  • Artist following alphabetic order and not the order in tags

In Roon’s main view (across all apps) and when playing a song with the desktop app the Artist Names are always viewed in an alphabetical order (they appear in the right order when playing only when identified). If I use the mobile app on my phone however the artist names are in right order (following my tags). I think this discrepancy could be resolved.

  • Roon Valence Rework: “Heart feature” and “This is an old picture”

Roon Valence could also use some work. At the moment the Heart feature only makes a photo go higher or lower when ranked with the other pictures available. A better way of using it would be that you choose an image that always appears for you, while at the same time retaining the current ranking feature in order to present the “best” option to someone who has not used their Heart on an image.

Another good feature to add would be a new option to identify an old picture. It has happened multiple times that the top selected image did not represent the artist currently. This new feature could however be overshadowed by the heart rework I mentioned before.

And that is everything! If someone already mentioned some of these in the past, please inform me as I did not see them. Let me know what you think!

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