My tagged Bootlegs aren't showing up in Roon

I am new to Roon and also suffering the problem of not all albums tagged as Bootleg showing up. As I have lots of downloaded concerts that I don’t want mixed up with official albums, this significantly reduces the utility of Roon for me. Can someone tell me why this is happening (is it a feature or a bug), and if anyone has come up with a work around.

A couple of examples to clarify my post:

43 Leonard Cohen Albums show up when I filter Albums with the text string “Leonard Cohen”. 12 of these are official releases that are displayed as being in my library when I look at Leonard Cohen as an artist. The rest (31) are concert recordings of indeterminate origin. These are all marked as bootleg=yes in Roon. But only 15 of these show up when I look at the artist: Leonard Cohen’s Bootleg section.

I have 20 official Bruce Springsteen albums and 39 ROIOs. If I mark all 39 as bootleg=yes, then the 20 official albums show up ok, while again only 15 are displayed as bootlegs. This appears to be a hard limit on the number of bootlegs displayed.

This is consistent across MacOs and IOS remotes, both updated today to build 970.

I won’t even try to segregate my Bob Dylan or Pink Floyd ROIOs…

Hey Eric,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. There’s no hard limit in place for the number of Albums that are allowed under the Bootleg section. We have Deadheads :skull: :rose: with hundreds of shows that display as expected.

As a test could you remove the Bootleg indicator from all but 15 of the Leonard Cohen albums, then add them back one at a time to see if you can get more than 15 to appear? That would help us to determine if you have a media issue or if we’ve had a previously undetected regression somewhere along the way? We appreciate your troubleshooting help! :pray:t2:

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your reply and assurance that the behaviour I am seeing is unexpected. I selected 16 of the Leonard Cohen albums that were marked as ‘bootleg=yes’ in a fairly arbitrary way, mostly every other one, and turned the bootleg indicator off leaving 15 marked as bootleg. These 15 showed up in the bootleg section, the rest in the main section as expected. I then tagged one of these as bootleg=yes and looked at the bootleg section. As they are sorted in date order, the one I had just marked was added to the list in the right place and the last one (previously the 15th, now the 16th) dropped off. I did this again with the same effect.

I hope this helps find the problem and I’m happy to help troubleshoot some more, or test a fix when you have one.

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Hey @Eric_Smith,

Thank you for your help here. I’m taking your report to the product team, I’ll be back in touch when I have next steps or more details. :pray:t2:

Hey @Eric_Smith - just wanted to touch base to let you know we’re still looking into this and we appreciate your patience.


Disappointed to find that this problem is not fixed in Roon 2.0. With Roon Remote on MacOS I can still see only the first 15 albums marked as bootleg=yes.

The problem does not arise with Roon ARC, which lets me see all the bootlegs …