My Tags disappeared usually on IOS

Roon Core Machine

Core Machine: QNAP TS-264C, CPU: Intel Celeron N5105, RAM: 16GB,
The Roon core and remoters had installed the latest version firmware or apps.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router: ASUS RT-AC5300 => Optical Fiber Transformer => Optical Fiber => Optical Fiber Transformer => Silent Angel N8 Switch => Silent Angel M1T Roon Ready Player
Except the optical fiber, all the network cables are all in CAT8.

Connected Audio Devices

Silent Angel M1T Roon Ready Player => IIS Cable => Holo R2R DAC => Luxman Amplifier

Number of Tracks in Library

37,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I used ‘My Tags’ to classify my music, there are more than 40 ‘My Tags’ in my library. All ‘My Tags’ display properly on Roon Remotes on Windows 10 PCs and iPad Air 4. On both of my and my wife’s iPhone 12ProMax ( IOS version, 15.4.1), sometimes it showed all contents of ‘My Tags’, but most time, it showed empty on the screen of ‘My Tags’. Especially, After it showed properly of ‘My Tags’, if I kept Roon playing music and entered the other Apps which may download more data from internet (such as Youtube, web browsers), it became empty after I returned to ‘My Tags’.

You may see my screen record at the following link,
‘My Tags’ Disappeared

For now, I used to enter Setup of settings on iPhone, cleared cache and restarted the Roon. Then, the ‘My Tags’ may show up properly for a while. If I don’t enter another app, it seemed could remain in showing all ‘My Tags’.

Hey @Rullex_Lai1,

Thank you for getting in touch with your report. We’re sorry to hear that you’re having problems with your tags.

Are you still experiencing this on our latest update, Build 952? There were some bug fixes that may have resolved this issue.

I also wanted to mention that your QNAP Core is on an under spec unsupported NAS. You can find more details for Roon Core on NAS here. The issue you were experiencing probably wasn’t due to your Core but I wanted to let you know that your machine is likely to give you problems if your library gets much larger.

Hi @jamie ,

Thanks a lot for your reply and advice.

I just updated to Build 952 today. But after updated to Build 952, I couldn’t see anything in My Tags on my iPhone ( it shows, you have no tags). Before today, I always could read My Tags after cleared cache and restarted Roon on my iPhone. But not any more after I updated to Build 952, not even I reboot the cellphone.

On iPad and PC, I can read My Tags properly. I guess there’s no problem on Roon Core of Build 952. It seems only have problem on IOS.

I do consider to pay the lifetime cost of Roon, I may upgrade my NAS after that. Thanks again for your advice.

Hey @Rullex_Lai1,

I’m sorry to hear that the new build didn’t resolve your issue. Do you lose your tags display only after leaving the app or are they missing upon start now?

Please try uninstalling the Roon Remote app on that device, restart your phone, reinstall, then restart again. Please let me know if that helps. I’ll be watching for your reply.

Hi @jamie,

My Tags were disappeared after I updated to Build 952 and kept showing nothing (beside, you have no tags) until I did as your instruction.

It’s very grateful, after I uninstalled the Roon on my iPhone, rebooted, and reinstalled again. My Tags showed up everything and kept working. It’s the first time I felt the convenience of My Tags, since I tried Roon on my iPhone. Thank you very much for your supports and assistance.

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Hello again @Rullex_Lai1, that’s great news! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have other questions. We’re happy to help!

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