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I wanted to moe ROON from my old machine to a new one and everything went ok except that all my tags have disappeared. How can I get back the tags I had on the previous machine.

If you did a Roon Backup/Restore, then none of your tags, or any other curation you may done, shouldn’t have disappeared.

If you didn’t do a Backup and your old Core is still on your old machine, you can still do a Backup there to Restore on your new machine.

And check your settings:
General / Album Page Preference’s, is Show track tags links turned on?

I really appreciate your comment. Can you please explain how I do it. Thank you once again - Rune from Norway

Unfortunately it was marked as “yes”

I have looked for the backup with this result: When I run the “old machine” (using ROON before I moved it to the new machine) I can see the backup folder on one-drive data base, but when I look at the same folder using the “new” machine, this new machine cannot “see” this backup folder.

The best solution is problably to move the ROON core back to the old machine, make a restore and start the move procedure once again.

After having logged on the ROON on the old machine, I got the message “ already signed in” … but it looks like you set up another Core" at the end of the screen I can see the name of the old PC and the message “Unauthorize”.

Please give me advice of what to do to move ROON Core back to the old machine - for instance click on the “unauthorize” button.

The problem has been solved - by moving ROON core back to the “old” machine. Thanks to everybody.

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