My telephone doesn't see roon core

First time I install on nas synology end IT was everythink ok second time I add ssd to USB i install again and now my telephone dont see core.Tablet and laptop is ok .On my telephone id ok when roon os open to computer and then my telephone see roon core on nNAS and laptop.Somebody knows what’s happen?

Hi my telephone id of course in the same network. On computer roon is working computer show core is NAS and telephone is also find core as NAS but when I close roon on laptop telephone dont see core on nas

sounds to me like you have the roon app on the laptop setup to be the core and never got the core up and running on the nas.

In roon on your laptop, if you go to Settings > General … at the top you will see ROON CORE and a machine name and ip… Is that machine name and ip the name and ip of the NAS or your laptop?

If it is your laptop you are not connected to a roon core on your NAS.

If you do have a core up and running on your NAS you need to connect to that. If you Disconnect from the ROON CORE your laptop is connected to, you should get a screen that asks for you to “Choose your Roon Core.” From that screen you want to connect to the core on the NAS. If it doesn’t show, then you need to fix the NAS config.

I’m thinking you clicked on the Set up roon core on this Mac/PC.

I may have misread what your doing… but what I posted above will confirm the core is running on the NAS…


This is WIRED roon core laptop show on NAS and tablet dont have problem to see core on nas. When I run laptop telephone see core on laptop and NAS when I close laptop nothing afternoon IWill send photo

Details ?, what phone what OS , what network equipment


Note 10+ and S10 at first time everything was okey

I dont know why but when I come back from work everything id okey do we can close topić
Thanky for your time :slight_smile:

Hey @Maciej_Sledz,

It’s great to hear all is well now. Thanks for sharing when you ran into an issue and when it was resolved as well.

Please, do let us know if the issue returns. In the meantime, enjoy the music :musical_score:

Thanks @ffk and @Mike_O_Neill for chiming in to help :slight_smile:

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