My tidal albums all just disappeared and re-importing as new and lost custom edits

All my Tidal albums just disappeared from my library? I just restarted and now Roon is adding them back in but I have lost all play count information and custom edits with them and all are treated as new imports? What’s going on? As the Most Played screen is my most used as I like to track my playing habits, now this is all gone. Kinda not happy about this.

I have experienced the same … after a restart all my custom changes (grouping versions e.t.c.) was gone :cry:

Yeah, I’d love to hear from the Roon guys as to what just happened @mike, @danny, @brian.

My concern is that Tidal could do this all the time and just reset itself and you lose everything, as far as music library management goes. Not really what should happen with Roon/Tidal integration.