My Tidal mixes and playlists not showing in Roon

Tidal is there (in Roon) but it’s not pulling my mixes and playlists which show up in the Tidal app.

Does anyone know why my Tidal (mixes etc.) is not showing in Roon?

The mixes won’t show up by default, but you can save a mix as a playlist from the Tidal interface, and then you should see it as a playlist in Roon. Tidal playlists appear in Roon through a frequent sync (the same way a favourite in Tidal appears as part of your library in Roon).

If you want to force the sync, you can go into Settings/ Services then click the Edit button beside Tidal and you’ll see a Sync Now link:

Many thanks, Jared. I will try it out. :+1:

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I understand that this is not a feature available. I would love it to be so in future updates.

Hi, I have this problem too, even if I force the sync my playlists in Roon aren’t the same as in Tidal. A few days after my updates in Tidal, they’re not updated.