My tidal playlists don't play (none of the music therein)

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I changed from Qobuz to Tidal HiFi. I transferred all my Qobuz playlists to Tidal and all were correctly on Roon. In the last few days, although I can see my playlists in Roon, there is no Tidal emblem there. If I try to play a playlist, I get “Qobuz does not have that title” or track unavailable. This is for every item in the playlist.

The only way I can play music is to search each time fresh and not use playlists. This, of course, is not suitable. It happened in the last few days. only.

Please help.

Use the Roon export function to export the playlist from Roon to a CSV file. Then use Soundiiz to export to Tidal. Then, go to Roon - Settings - Services and do a sync of Tidal. When the Tidal playlist shows up in Roon, save a local copy and delete the old playlist that is composed of Qobuz links. You will end up with a local playlist and one that is marked Tidal. They will both contain links to files in Tidal. Note: Tidal may not have all the songs that were in your original Qobuz playlist.

For example, here’s what mine look like…

Groan… as I read it I have to do this for each Playlist…I have over a hundred of these. WHy has this happened suddenly …it was working 3 days ago including Tidal Playlists… something has been changed in my account. I thought the import of playlists from Tidal to Roon was automatic.



I think it is, but you have to get them to Tidal first. They will eventually show up in Roon or you can do the sync maneuver to make them show up now. How did you move them from Qobuz to Tidal? Go to your Tidal account and see if they are all there.

They are all in Tidal (always were)… tried synch …no success in Roon.

Apologies I have to go out (medical appt) I’ll be back later… if you can think of something…



Go to Roon - Services and log out of Tidal, then log back in.

Nothing happened…the playlists are in Tidal. I can play them on my PC). But nothing transferred to Roon.

Attached in Roon view

Are you sure you’re logged into the correct Tidal account in Roon? Are these playlist you created in Qobuz? How did you transfer them from Qobuz to Tidal? Are your Tidal albums showing up in your Roon library? Can you play them?

I am only aware of 1 Tidal account in Roon…

Some of the Playlist were done in Tidal. A lot were transferred to Tidal using Soundiz. No, as per attachment no playlist has either Tidal or Qobuz emblem. The picture is there… On opening, the song titles are there.See new attach.

This playlist was done in Tidal. All the playlists, together with Qobuz playlists were there and worklking 3 days ago.

Do your linked Tidal albums show up in Roon? Can you play them in Roon? If not, something has happened to your Tidal account and you need to contact them. Are you using a paid Tidal account and not the free account?

Tidal compilations/playlists (done by Tidal, not me, are working fine…)

Do you have any Tidal albums in your Roon library? Can you play them in Roon?

I am not sure what linked playlists are…
I have the album shown in my previous attachments which show ALL my playlists from Tidal except no one track is available.
My library in Roon is from my PC not Tidal. They are available. I attach picture of Tidal showing playlists active in Tidal (but not Roon).

I did update Roon software !!

My head hurts … Could the updated software be the cause…?

I believe I found the problem…the toggle “shared Playlists” was turned off !!! Thanks for your trouble and time.

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Roon Issue

Please see the following url : I cannot understand all of it but … it seems relevant.

I believe this is a problem since upgrading to Roon 18(?)… Can we go back to r17?

The situation is back even though it worked when I activated “share playlists”. I can’t find that switch again and I don’t believe I need to share my playlists to be able to use Roon …. never had to.

All playlists are in Tidal and able to be played through Tablet to Moon streamer.

Native on PC on Tidal I can play lists onto computer speakers.

Music in “History” can be played on Roon.

Roon is useless to me unless we can fix this.




I wish I had some more ideas for you but I don’t. The only other thing I can think of is to create a new, small playlist of 2 or 3 songs in Roon using albums in your Roon library linked from Tidal. Then export this playlist from Roon to a CSV file and use Soundiiz to send it to Tidal. Go into Tidal and confirm the playlist is in Tidal. Lastly, go to Roon - Services - Tidal and sync Tidal. The new playlist should show up in Roon with the Tidal badging.

Maybe @Support will be along soon to help you.

The playlist in this picture is that of a local Roon playlist made up of Qobuz tracks. Nothing to do with Tidal.

Can you explain how you did this step? There is no way in Roon to transfer one to the other. At best, you would have to use an intermediate service like Soundiiz.