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There seems to be a lot of discussions of unavailable tracks, but I didn’t find a feature suggestion to help identify unavailable tracks. I’d like to suggest Roon add a category to the My Tracks view for Available/Unavailable. Or a simple yes/no would work too. Every once in a while Qobuz will remove or replace an album that I’ve added to my library. When that happens, the tracks become unavailable and I don’t know it until Roon tries to play one. Usually that brings Roon to a halt. If I could periodically search my tracks for unavailable I could then make the necessary corrections. Seems like a simple fix for a relatively minor but persistent problem.

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Seems to me Jamie was looking at a complicated solution for a simple problem. I don’t really need Roon to identify unavailable albums and automatically replace them with a suitable substitute. I would like Roon to add a focus function for unavailable tracks (the data is already there) and I can choose to delete the album or replace it if possible.

I fully support this feature request. Roon developers, please put it at the top of your priority list. This is core for the right user experience and it isn’t rocket science.

A current workaround; albums that are available have a Channel Layout that can be filtered using focus. Unavailable albums have no Channel Layout and are listed in focus as “Other”. You can focus on Other to find albums removed by your music service.