My trial lasted for five minutes

… after which I bought the lifetime license.

Thanks for the discount, congratulations for launching and all the best in coping with the tidal wave over the next few days!

It’ll be most interesting to hear where this journey will lead us.


:smile: Bought it, on to the installation of it…


Installing is almost disappointingly simple… Up and running in 5 mins. All Endpoints recognised immediately – including the MS600.


Mmm, not on this end, running into the OpenGL error on my win2012 server setup. Which makes sense as I have only the base video drivers on it. Installing the real drivers for the NUC kills the headless part. I guess I need to dig out a dongle to keep that part working. Oh well.

@rovinggecko, does win2012 have WASAPI even?

You really need our linux build for that NUC :slight_smile: Soon!

Let me know when the linux build is ready to test :smile:

A Docker Linux build please? Then we can just post it on NASes and whatnot.

@danny yep, win2012 has wasapi & asio drivers. However it misses mfplat.dll and requires quite some overhead to have that installed, negating the purpose of using win2012.
Oh well, untill that linux\docker build comes out (with ideally convolver and parametric equalizer functions build into Roon negating my need for jriver downstream from Roon for my local (non Meridian\ID40) set) it will do. And I can always put win8.1 on the nuc in the interim if I want.

Playing with Roon over my ipad using splashtop for now waiting on the Android app (and my nvidia shield landing tomorrow).

It sounds great and, as you promised, the radio function works really well!!!