My uploads are duplicated and my edits are not saving

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Zen Mk III with NAIM Dac

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It’s connected to a Naim Dac. I’m using wireless connections at present.

When I upload albums and tracks from my Dell XPS 13 laptop into the Zen they are being duplicated. If I delete the duplicate file all seems ok initially but when I check them a few minutes later I find that both files have been deleted. Also many of my edits are initially saved but later return to the original.

Can you share a screenshot of Roon Settings > Storage. You may have a network share and file path setup for the same storage location.

Hi @Wayne_Croxford,

As Martin suggested, would you please share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?


Thanks Martin…attached

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Perhaps for a pair of duplicate albums you could show the respective tracks’ info (3 dots menu) -

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Hello @Wayne_Croxford, my apologies but I don’t see the images in this last post. Could you post them again? Thanks!

@Wayne_Croxford, if you are using WIN10 you can employ the Snipping Tool to take a screen shot, copy that to the clipboard and then paste the clipboard into your post.

it’s just easier to see than a foto. :neutral_face:

(type ‘Snipping Tool’ into the Run window)

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Your folders are nested. Disable ‘Music Folder’, if only temporarily, as a test.


Thanks. So that won’t effect the files that are already stored in Music Folder?

If you have files in ‘Music Folder’ itself, then you won’t pick them up.

On second thought, your folders aren’t nested. Sorry, I couldn’t read too easily from the foto.

Doesn’t your Zen OS search for files. If so, is it finding the same files in your two directory structures?

Duplicates are almost always the result of referencing the same folder twice in Settings==>Storage, but in this case I think the Zen OS is finding duplicate files in the two different folder strictures.

Dunno, maybe someone will a Zen streamer will chime in.

Hi. If you can see the thread you’ll see some images that I’ve uploaded.
It seems that there are 2 files simultaneously in use, Music Folder and Zen Downloads, and that they aren’t merging?

You have two file locations setup in Roon. You either have the same files in both destinations (duplicates) or the Download folder in both paths is the same folder.

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So what do I do please?

As far as I can tell, it doesn’t look like you are duplicating or nesting directories, so you must have the same files in two (or more) different directories.

Only you know the accuracy of the above two assumptions.

You need to modify your file locations and/or your directory structure accordingly.

It would appear that that is the case but I have no idea how to rectify it. I didn’t set the system up. Please explain how I can do it (are you Roon Support by the way or is this simply a forum for Roon users?).

Slim - I think \\ZenMusic\ is simply the network address of the Music Folder of the Roon Core running on the Zen - so it’s the same folder, and since it has been defined twice in the Settings/Storage of Roon, duplicates are appearing.

@Wayne_Croxford - just try disabling the \\ZenMusic\Download folder in Roon (use the 3 dots menu next to this entry).

Thanks. The ZenMusic folder was set up to enable me to drag my downloads into the Zen. If I disable it I won’t be able to do that?

Disabling it means remove it from Roon as a Watched Folder. You should still be able to access it via Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to drag and drop your downloads into the Downloads Folder on the Zen. Because this folder is a subfolder within the Zen Music Folder, Roon will see the dropped files and import them into the Roon Library for you.