My USB hard drive with my Roon library/backups got corrupted: freaking out

Using a ROCK with Roon installed, and using a WD hard drive to hold the backups and the music. Luckily, I have the music backed up all over the place.

The WD got totally corrupted somehow, and I need to reformat and start over. Before I do that, I would like to know if there is anything I need to know? Using an iMac; the Rock is a NUC, so how would I format? It’s been so long since I set Roon up, not sure what else I need to know before I wipe the WD clean. Do I need to save the backup? Thanks for any SPECIFIC guidance!!!

Since you’re using a Mac, format using exFAT. Both macOS and ROCK will have full access.

Since ROCK is on an M.2 drive, this should be fine, but I’d recommend backing up to another drive in case the WD drive is failing.

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Martin, thanks. So, all I need to do is reformat the drive and Roon will install all the RAAT/Codecs etc? Do I need to reinstall a backup or will it just basically start anew?

Also, I’d like to have a new Roon backup location on my iMac, but if I go to add a backup location, it just seems to find the WD attached to my ROCK. Can I backup to my iMac?

Again, thanks!

Usually ROCK is installed on an internal drive of your NuC. Your USB HDD should only contain music and your backups as described?

If the internal drive of the NuC (containing the actual Roon install is good then no, you don’t need the backups). However, keep reading…

This should stay on the internal drive.

OK, bit of unsolicited advice time. Drives don’t last forever and it sounds like this drive may be a few years old. Unless you know why the drive failed I would not reuse it. HDDs are cheap… buy a new drive and use your music backup to fill it with music. Roon will see this as a new drive so will rediscover your music. You’ll have a fresh drive with less chance of a second failure if there really is a problem with that drive. If you format it and it runs great then use it for backups or something less critical. Additionally, a second drive lets get your system back up and running without modifying the corrupted drive in case you really do find you need to pull data from it.

You need to create a share on your Mac and then backup to a network drive pointing Roon at the Mac.

–Yes, ROCK is installed on an internal drive on the NUC, on one of those SSDs

–The reason I ask about RAAT/Codecs is because of what my USB HDD shows, which is:

–I will buy a new drive stat
–Can you point me to how to create a share on my Mac and backup to a network drive? I do have a synology NAS but would love to have Roon Backup on the iMac itself; is that possible?

This set of folders is on your USB HDD? Something is very wrong - these folders should be on an M.2 SSD in your NUC, not on an external drive.

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That does not look right to me. That shows what I see on my ROCK/NUC mapped network drive.
It looks like it is the ROCK install not the USB drive.
What does it show under Storage? The USB drive should be in there.

LOL, looks like we all want to help… :slight_smile:

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That seems to be the root of your ROCK “data” share. What’s under “Storage”? That’s where your external HDD should be.

edit: Quick note on Unix folder structure…
ROCK is built on Linux, Linux is a Unix based OS.

Unix uses a tree based directory structure with that tree starting at


Unlike some other OSs, Unix mounts drives directly into that tree. For example, you might have a directory:


Volumes is just a directory in /

bigHDD could be a big harddrive and networkShare could be a network drive mounted into the tree at /Volumes. The entire “filesystem” could be made-up of an endless number of physical drives, network shares, etc. and it all looks like one giant directory structure starting from /
That’s the magic of Unix :slight_smile:

Anyway, the “data” share of Roon starts at the ROCK install so you have to go a level deeper, Storage, to see the mounted drives.

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This shows what a noob I am. Here is a screenshot with “storage” shown:

Through some horrible magic, 2 “My Passport” folders got created. So, I think that the data is on the My Passport, and the Roon stuff is on the SSD. It all shows up as a drive called “Data” on my network. So, after seeing what you guys wrote, I’m guessing the Roon files ARE on the SSD, and the only stuff on the USB My Passport is the music and backup.

I’d be very grateful for any guidance as to how I can have an additional Roon backup on my iMac.

I REALLY appreciate everyone’s help!!!

That shows 2 external drives. Two My Passport drives with different serial numbers (drive identifiers) or maybe partitions?

Do you have two external drives? Did you?

“Data” is the share name. Quickie on the way SMB works… you create a share name and that name maps to a directory. This allows SMB to work on any OS. For Unix it might map to /stuff/to/share and on Windows it might map to d:\stuff\shared but that’s not important here. Just note that “Data” isn’t a “drive” just a starting point for the share.

Can you give a screenshot of your Watched folders (Storage) and Scheduled Backups settings?

I think this is what happens when you use one USB drive for both music storage and DB back-up. Roon OS re-labels (re-names) each location automatically when you point at them in Roon settings to “ID” the location for the core to log, one for the watched music storage and one for the DB back-up location.

–I only have one external drive; not sure why 2 is being shown, hence the panic.
–Here is a screenshot of my watched folder:

Here is a screenshot of backup settings:

Somehow, there are now 2 backups scheduled. I don’t know what happened, but my My Passport duplicated the Music and Backup folders. Hence, I will replace because there is no reason why this should have happened; I certainly didn’t ask it to and it’s chewing up my space.

Still really unclear on how to do a backup to a different drive. Sorry for my ignorance :frowning:

A different drive or a shared drive on your Mac? You first need to set-up a share on your Mac:

Then create a scheduled backup and point Roon at that share for that scheduled backup.

It might be related to having your back-up on the same drive as a “watched” folder?
I would think that if you have the “watched” folder in a separate directory (i.e. “music”) and the back-up in a separate directory (i.e. roonbackups) and both directories on at the “root” (so on the same level on the directory tree) it would work?? But maybe it is causing confusion??

I would suggest as best practice to NOT backup to the same drive that has a watched folder on it, especially when it is a USB drive attached to the core.

I’m putting back-ups on my “music” drive and it only mounts that drive once. The mount point is constructed by the drive identifier. It’s suspect there are two identifiers here. Maybe it has something to do with the way My Passport drives come formatted? I’m at a bit of a loss why Roon has 2 “drives” mounted. Not sure if it’s a problem or an expected.

This is very true. I, however, do this but I also send a backup to a NAS. It’s not a terrible place to leave a backup but don’t make it your only backup.

FWIW, Roon created this backup itself, but I have created a backup folder on my NAS. Now, I’m trying to get Roon to find it.

What I cannot figure out is how to point Roon to the NAS. The IP for the NAS is 192.x.x.x, and the Roon Backup is at the root. I tried to add this to Roon as a new backup, using smb://192.x.x.x. I get an error saying “Invalid Network Path”. I know I must be doing something wrong. Thanks all again!

You first need to create the network share on your NAS (e.g. a folder called Roon Backups) with the necessary permission (username/password; read/write) and then access that from your Roon settings (e.g. smb://192.x.x.x/Roon Backups with the username and password used on the NAS).

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THANK YOU!!! That did it indeed, and it now shows up in Roon.


Ok, I procured another HDD. My ROCK is still showing the now-deleted WD Passports, with zero bytes:

If i try to delete them, I get a message on my Mac saying they are in use.

In Roon, they are still showing up with an error:

I’m so lost as to what to do next! Roon boots with the spinner as if it is adding to the library. Should I start from scratch? What do I do, given that the ROCK/NUC still thinks that the WD drive is still attached (it isn’t).

Thanks again!

Well, duh, a reboot of the Rock fixed that! Will try to add storage; stand by!