My version tab as disappeared [Answered - Versions hidden if there are no other versions to show]

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Mac mini 2014 8GB of RAM

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Description of Issue

My versions tab as disappeared from all remotes and core.

I updated all the remotes and core yesterday and they’re all up to date today … build 831.

Hey @paolo_amoroso,

Can you please upload a screenshot of an Album page in Roon from one of these devices so we can take a look?


@support hello?

I still haven’t gotten a answer for my problem?

Is there a customer service number I can call?

Hi @paolo_amoroso

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > About?

Thanks, @paolo_amoroso. Are you seeing this on all remote devices? If you use a mobile remote or something like that is it the same?

my iPhone is build 831 and so is my iPad… that’s all I have as remotes and this Mac…

I have noticed its only with tidal… if I have the cd ripped then I see the versions tab but if its a tidal only album no versions tab…

Hi @paolo_amoroso,

That makes sense, actually.

I just checked and Tidal only has one version of Delta Kream and Senjutsu. If you don’t have any local versions of this as well, there are no other versions to show and so we won’t show the Versions tab. It’ll only show up if there are other versions to see.

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but see muddy waters at Newport 1960 has at least. 3versions in tidal I know this cause I listen to it all the time and now I only see one version… and its like that with most mqa releases. we used to have the choice between mqa and Flac and even mqa 48 or 96 etc… now that’s gone.

Hey @paolo_amoroso,

There appears to only be one version of that album in Tidal as well

Can you search for The Beatles, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band in TIDAL, please? There are multiple versions of that in TIDAL, you should see the Versions tab for that album.