My weakest component - Bryston BDP-1?

So I have the upgrade bug, unfortunately. :smirk:

My current system is configured like this (only one room; no others):

My desktop computer is my Roon Core. It is connected to the internet via Tera Grand Cat 7 ethernet to a separate ethernet switch which is connected to the router via the same ethernet cables.

I’m using the Bryston BDP-1 as my Roon Endpoint. It is fed from that separate ethernet switch using the same Tera Grand Cat7 ethernet cables.

From the BDP-1 the signal is fed to a miniDSD-SHD for Dirac Live calibration via Kimber Cable D60 BNC, then to a Shiit Yggy DAC via Acoustic Zen Absolute BNC cable, then to a Primaluna Dialogue HP integrated tube amplifier via Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II interconnects, and on to my Martin Logan Summit X speakers via Acoustic Zen Hologram II cables.

I’m wondering if the Bryston acting as my Roon Endpoint should be replaced with a better server for better SQ? It’s older technology, and probably not worth much as a trade or sale so I’d probably have to just keep it, but it might be worth it if a different streamer would help SQ. My budget is around $2-3 thousand and if I’m going to replace it I’d like something MQA compatible.

I would greatly appreciate your opinions on this. Also, if you see any other areas for potential SQ improvement, please let me know.

Thanks! :wink:

This is what a streamer like yours just sold for on the forum.


I have two BDP-1 players. They sound great. There’s always something better out there…it’s your money…:grinning:

I just learned Bryston has a new streamer DAC. 3.14…a bit over your budget ($4K), but maybe you could work out a trade-in, or sell your BDP-1 outright. They sell for around $600-700 used.

Robert, good to hear you like your BDP-1s. I’ve never used a different streamer so I’m not sure about the SQ difference. I have a friend who just got an incredible deal on a used Esoteric streamer/dac in Japan that he loves. I like my DAC, so that got me thinking about the BDP-1. I’m willing to spend the money if the SQ will be an improvement.

I’m not sure you would notice much of a difference. You could upgrade the fuse or cable, but I’m not sure you’d gain much. Via USB, you are linking the BDP-1 direct to the DAC. As a renderer, the BDP-1 does a great job. Hard for me to tell any SQ difference between my BDP-1 and Sonore microrendu/Sonore Ultradigital combo using I2s in Roon Ready mode. YMMV.