MyCloud NAS issues

Core Machine: IMAC 21.5 (late 2013); 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel i5

Network Details: WiFi using Amplifi HD Mesh router

Audio Devices: LaRosita wireless streamer (modded Apple Airport Express)

Description Of Issue: I cannot connect my files which are located on the MyCloud to Roon…I get a “invalid network path error message”

Hi @Andrew_Gear1,

Can you confirm you’ve followed the steps outlined here? Note that there is a section at the end about MyCloud NAS devices with special troubleshooting steps.

Hi Dylan. I have more or less. I was able to stream music file from the MyCloud using iTunes…so it is something between Roon and WD

It would be nice to have an an autodetect feature for NAS

I just rechecked the connection with iTunes, and it took all of two clicks and the files were integrated instantly.

It just seems convoluted. Any other suggestions?

Does Roon offer formal support for their software or simply this forum?

I have mapped the drive, etc and am able to access but Roon keeps telling me its an “invalid network path”

For those in a similar pickle in the future, I found the answer here (circa 2017): Can't add the network shared location

Cliff note version: smb://IP/public/music

When mounting the WDMYCLOUDHOME on a Mac, it shunts the ensures to a “public” folder and this needs to be designated when creating your Network share.

2+ days wrestling with that and such a boneheaded and convoluted fix. C’est la vie.


Hello @Andrew_Gear1,

Glad to hear that you have been able to resolve this issue!

We handle all of support here on this Community website. When we resolve issues on Community, it ensures that our entire team has access to the discussion and can weigh in as needed. This means that not only can our support team contribute, but so can our QA team, developers, and senior staff.

This would be a great post for our feature request section! There might be one already, but if not I would suggest making your voice heard there as that section is kept under close watch by the product/dev team for suggestions.

In either case, glad to hear you’re up and running, hope you have a great day!

I now get this message:


Itunes feed via the NAS is fine

Hi @Andrew_Gear1,

Sorry to hear that the issues are still ongoing.

I suggest that we focus on one specific example of this issue to clarify where this behavior occurs, can I ask you to try selecting one track from Patricia Gear, try starting playback and see if that works?

If it does not work, please right-click on the track -> press the 3-dot drop-down menu at the top -> View File Info. There, you should be presented with a page similar to the following, please share a screenshot from your end:

Hi @Andrew_Gear1,

Thank you for sharing that screenshot, the path does look the same.
Hmm, I am next wondering what Roon logs display when this issue occurs, can you reproduce this behavior and note the exact local time + date when you try starting playback and the track does not load? E.g. 11:23PM on 12/2/19.

I am going to bag using a WD NAS for now. It’s too much of a headache. I am trying to load my files via an EHD but it is very slow?

Maybe a corrupt file? Noris will probably want to look at the logs. Weird thing it says nearly 1.7 million files scanned?

Hi @Andrew_Gear1,

That 1.7 million files is indeed strange, unless you have that many files on your external HDD. Importing a large amount of tracks will take some time, but if it is still stuck, can you send me a copy of your Roon logs by using these instructions?

its zipped and sitting in Dropbox (I did this once before)

48 hours later it is still loading files…