Mystery Adds from Tidal

Today I booted up Roon and went to my “added” list, looking for something liked on Qobuz yesterday. The item was eight back, and looking lower in the added list, I see a couple dozen adds that I didn’t do - and no one else has access to my accounts…

Mystery. Anyone else see this happening?



Do you mean “that you know of”? Normally this is a sign that your account has been hacked. Recommend changing your Qobuz password and removing the albums.

Well, they were all Tidal albums… but I get your point. I’ll do that.


Oh sorry, read your post, not the thread title…

Looks like that was the problem. Tidal probably is getting a lot of ghost likes. If I cared more, I’d make a list of the dozens of added artists and songs and see if there was a common thread… but hopefully this will be noticed by Tidal and they can find their hacking problem. Thanks for the advice.


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