Mystery Album appears after Primary Artist edit

When adding Primary Artists to an Album a duplicate Album of the same composition appears. The only way to get rid of the “Mystery Album” is to add the same Primary Artists to it.

This only seems to occur for Symphony compositions. Weird!!

Thanks. Rich

Here’s my theory…
I suspect you have always had two copies of this, perhaps inadvertently via a duplicate folder reference in your storage set up for the library. Also, you have show hidden tracks and albums turned off in settings > setup.
Now, when you change one of the albums it is no longer a duplicate and so both versions show up. Once you edit the other album to be the same… It is a duplicate again.

Try setting the show hidden tracks flag on and see what happens.

Hi @Richard_Parks,

I agree with BrianW here — It is likely that there are two versions of this album already in your library and editing one causes them to no longer be grouped. Can you confirm if this is the case?

If I have duplicate copies I can’t find them. This happens to all Symphonies and symphonies only ( so far ). I will try the Hidden tracks thing.

You were correct. When Hidden… is on there are 2 albums showing. Where would these be and why only symphonies? How can i see the path of an album from ROON?

The three dots at the right of each track will offer a File info option. Hit that and you will see the file path.

It would also be useful for you to show a screenshot of your settings > Storage page. That might show whether a folder is being scanned twice.

I think I may know what is happening. When I first used Backup Database there were problems getting the backup offline. Tried using the name of my WD NAS which did not work. So at that point I backed up to the path sonictransport > /. There is a folder called Backup which is where I put the backup of the database. Now there are two backups on the SonicTransporter: One in the above described folder and one in the Root folder.

I have since used the IP Address for the path to the WD NAS and successfully backed up to there.

Don’t know how to get rid of the backup I put in the folder described in the first paragraph.

Oops! Rich

P.S. Nevermind. Just looked in the Backup folder on the SonicTransporter and the database backup is no longer there. Now I’m really confused!!

So what is the top level structure?
Is it /backup, and /music or something similar? If so we can easily fix the problem.

And can you provide that screenshot please?

See my edit of the post above. There is nothing in the Backup folder anymore. Only the Root / Roon / RoonBackups has the database backup. Also, of course, offline to the WD NAS. So I’m not sure if there are two databases on the SonicTransporter.

It’s not the Roon database backup that is causing problems here. That doesn’t contain music.

I need to see Settings > storage.

And as a wild guess, I wonder if you have a recycle bin in your scanned folders, which would cause Roon to see old deleted files.

I do see a “Music Folder” entry that seems to combine the “music” and “usbdrive” track count values. Must be something SonicTransporter is doing.

Should I disable the “Music Folder” entry??

Thanks. Rich

I note that 30382 = 17376+13006.

But I can’t see how the “Music Folder” encompasses both music and usbdrive.

No matter. Disable Music Folder and see if problems go away. You will not be doing anything that can’t be undone.

Disabled Music Folder. The hidden duplicates are gone. Have no idea where that folder comes from. I do know the storage / music and storage / usbdrive were entered by me. Wonder what would happen if I disabled both of them and kept only Music Folder.

Happier. Rich

When you first set up Roon, it would have offered you that folder as it is the default music location, and (presumably) you accepted it.

I think you would end up with the same result. You can choose either way; it depends on whether you want a clearer view of what’s going on, and perhaps, in the future, finer grained control.

We got there in the end! Now enjoy the music.