Mystery Music in My Library

I am new to Roon. I have used several other players.I have been using a folder that is resident on my PC for my library for years. I am using it with Roon. When I open the library up I find lots of music that I don’t own. Much of it is music I have never heard nor would want to hear. If I do a search of my PC I can’t find it on any drive. Where does it come from? More important how do I get rid of it? I fear the day a music loving friend finds Kenny Rogers in my library. I’ll never live it down.

Hi Mark,

Do you have a Tidal subscription ?

If so, did you add any Tidal Collections when installing Roon ?

If you did, but would now prefer to delete such collections, you will find instructions to do so here. Check back here if you have any queries.

The only acceptable Kenny Rogers in my view is with the First Edition - Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In).


So there IS acceptable Kenny Rogers? I just thought that was the stuff of lore.

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Hi @Mark_Regalia ---- Thank you for the feedback and sorry to hear of the troubles.

I would recommend giving the instructions in @andybob’s post (:+1:) a go to see if this fixes the behavior you are experiencing. If it doesn’t, just drop a flag for “support” in your follow up (i.e @support) and a team member will be a long to assist.