Mytek 192 DAC "shorting out" audio settings

Open to suggestions from the community and @support

First, my setup:

Server: Windows 10 desktop (i7-8700, 16GB RAM), OS fully updated, running Roon Server 1.6 build 401. Audio files stored on a local array, attached directly through SATA.
Client: Windows 10 desktop (i5, 16GB RAM) Roon 1.6 Build 401 stable 64-bit
Network: Hardwired Ethernet in home

I use a Mytek 192 DAC connected to my client machine. When I start Roon, the Mytek changes bitrate, and starts to click and pop through its output. The “Audio” tab in Roon doesn’t show any audio devices linked to my PC, only network devices and devices connected directly to the server. When the Mytek is flipped off, this behavior stops. I actually shot a video of this behavior (with my family heard in the background creating pompom dogs out of string).

The Mytek works well for all other applications, including directly out of TIDAL’s app.

I recently rebuilt the Server and reinstalled Roon, which is when this issue appeared.

Any suggestions on what I should try? I’ve removed and reinstalled the Mytek’s drivers and disabled every other audio source to no avail.

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Hello @Tyler_Beebout1,

We have just received a Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC for testing in our QA labs. We have some testing scheduled for this week, we will be sure to update you on our findings. Can you confirm that you have disabled all audio zones in Roon, and then attempted to enable the Mytek USB DAC ASIO zone?


Hi @john,

Absolutely, I can confirm I’ve disabled all other zones in Roon before attempting to enable the mytek USB DAC ASIO zone. I’m looking forward to hearing how your testing goes!

Hi @john,

It’s been a few months since the last update here. How has your testing gone? I’m still unable to use Roon with this persistent issue.

Hello @Tyler_Beebout1,

I apologize for not updating this thread about the issue you are reporting, testing was completed a few weeks ago but somehow our reply fell off the radar.

We are able to reproduce some odd behavior with the Mytek STEREO192-DSD DAC using the ASIO drivers and Roon. We have filled a ticket internally to investigate the cause of this behavior, I will check with the developers on the status of this ticket.

In the meantime, our QA team found that using the WASAPI driver for the device would prevent this issue from occurring. We did run into an issue where sample rate changes would occasionally cause the Mytek device to fail to start playback, however simply restarting playback after the error message would allow for playback to work in all cases.

Could you try disabling the ASIO zone before quitting Roon to see if you have any difference in symptoms?


Hi @john I’ll check this out tonight, thanks for the heads up and for getting back to me.

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