Mytek Bridge disconnects

Hi @support I am getting the same issue with disconnects. But my Mytek Bridge has been on the latest firmware for both unit and NW for approx. 1 month and now after upgrading roon to 1.7 (build 500) I am getting disconnects.

My Network is stable with no disconnects on wifi - I’m working via wifi and also monitoring the router
The Bridge does not drop the NW connection. The only way I can get the Bridge redetected is to power cycle (not standby) the Bridge

Main Firmware 1.2
NW Firmware 3.7.48

*update I just rebooted my core as it was stuck in checking for updates, post reboot update 505 installed and things have been stable since so far. So if anyone is on the latest bridge firmware and getting disconnects, upgrade to build 505 for your core.



Hi @Rob_O_Donnell,

Glad to hear that the new build of Roon helped with this behavior, but I don’t think this is actually what resolved it. It sounds like something environmental that was changed. If the behavior re-occurs please do let me know.

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