Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ Signal Path for MQA

I have noticed there is something odd with how signal path is shown in Roon for my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ when playing MQA. Device has FW 1.28, which appears to be latest on web page.

Device is set to Decoder and Renderer in Roon. Device display shows MQA light on (blue or green depending on the content). But Signal path in Roon doesn’t show MQA Full Decoder after Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ ALSA. As if Mytek is not communicating this information back to Roon?

If you set the device to be “Decoder and Renderer” (which you have) and do not have any DSP in your signal path, then Roon will pass the raw MQA file to the endpoint for decoding. (It will also perform Authentication in a side channel.)

If you add some compatible DSP (which is just about everything apart from sample rate conversion), then Roon will do the initial decode, do the DSP, and output a renderable signal.

Thanks @joel for a prompt reply. But why does it then show up as Full MQA Decoder after ALSA for some people? Does this depend on the DAC model?

DAC model, connection path. Lots of variables.

I would click the three dots and setup device, make sure it’s setup as decoder and renderer.