Mytek Brooklyn / Quad DSD DoP in OSX

Hi - the DAC supports 4xDSD yet the player only reports that for DSD256 it needs to downconvert it, which it seems it’s coming across as 24/352.8 PCM. Is this just a limitation of the “driverless” OSX interface? If so I don’t see it in the brooklyn manual. Connecting via USB to Mac Mini running OSX

I read the manual as well and your right it gives unclear information. The base issue, imho, is that on Mac OS, DSD has to be encoded as DoP stream (DSD over PCM) and it takes 50% more bandwidth, therefore to support DSD256 on Mac, the DAC would have to be able to decode 768kHz and receive over the USB port. However, if you look in the manual it states that the limit is 24/352.8.

exaSound got around this issue by writing their own ASIO driver which allows native 256DSD from the Mac OS. Windows machines have to use drivers anyways so they are good to go for everything pretty much.

I would definitely send a support question to Mytek and see what they have to say about the question.


I agree with you and Daniel that the user manual should be clearer regarding OS X support for DSD256.
However, I doubt Mytek can do anything – apart from updating their user manual info to make it clearer.

If DSD256 support is important for you, you may want to consider connecting your Brooklyn to a microRendu. This page lists native DSD support for the Brooklyn (although users that own both would need to confirm if it works with DSD256).

I understand that might be a compromise in terms of simplicity and budget, but it should pay off. I am biased however, my Brooklyn and microRendu have been ordered and are in transit.

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