Mytek btooklyn dsd? osx native support

i´m trying to setup my system.
nas (synology)
macmini (el captain)
uptone regen
mytek brooklyn

i was hoping to get native dsd support cause the brooklyn can sound much better…
are you working with mytek- is there native dsd support on osx planned for future updates?


We support Native DSD output using exaSound’s OS X ASIO driver on their devices. This is the only Native DSD on Mac right now.

We do have a relationship with Mytek, but we are not aware of a Native DSD solution for Mytek Brooklyn on OS X–this process would begin with Mytek providing a driver capable of Native DSD output. We are not aware of such a driver, but if one existed, we would be happy to collaborate with them and get it working with Roon.