Mytek Clef reviews?

Anyone heard or seen a review of the Mytek Clef yet? It looks like a good replacement for my Meridian Explorer 2 especially since it does full MQA.

I’ve been searching every few days and only see product announcements and related writeups. I’m exclusively interested in a quality DAC/AMP for my CIEMs that handles AAC Bluetooth, and the Clef would appear to be a good option.

Yeah I see Mytek also came out with a $995 dac/amp as well.
Really interested in the Clef though.

I ordered one but has yet to ship.

Sounds like its not out yet then.

Anyone catch this ridiculous promo? If the specs weren’t exactly what I need, I would avoid the product just because of the marketing.

The advert is not for you, the specs are. Mytek have to sell a shed load of these so we can have our specs and for that they have to market in ways we perhaps, find a little nauseating.

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Looks like they are trying to sell to not just audiophiles. Good for them.

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You’re both absolutely right—sustainable sales is good for the community as a whole. Nevertheless, I wish they would tone down the meaningless buzzwords a bit and fit in at least a mention of what (theoretically) makes the Clef a unique product. In particular, bluetooth is bluetooth for most buyers, but the inclusion of AAC is pretty unique and should be used to attract all those iPhone users out there (I’m one of them).

All that being said, the advert does look and sound great. And I really like the appeal to gear being an integral part of one’s day.

I’m not big on bluetooth but as an Apple device user I can see AAC over bluetooth as something I would use from time to time.

The SBC default on current Apple devices is workable, but far from ideal. Unfortunately, AirPlay isn’t yet an option on the go.

If the device does AAC that’s what will come from the Apple device.

Did anyone find reviews or received a unit so far? I’m also pretty curious.

This product sure dropped of a cliff fast.

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Still nothing?

It appears these are shipping?? still no reviews???

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anybody had the hands on Mytek Clef yet any comparison with chord mojo or meridian

waiting for reply guys

Hi Dear…

hope u have received your unit

kindly share your reviews dear