Mytek DACs and the SoTM SMS-100

Any plans for similar [[Mytek DACs and the Sonicorbiter SE]
(Mytek DACs and the Sonicorbiter SE)] upgrades for the SoTM SMS-100?

Does it just require recompile?

I think that product is EOL and will not have any updates but you would need to ask SOtM about their product.

The SMS-100 should work with the Mytek Stereo 192 DSD. Mine has a driver for it. If it’s not part of the standard package, I know that Jesus at Sonore set my SMS 100 up to work with the Mytek.

I don’t think the SMS-100 can handle any new software. But you would have to ask SOtM.

I contacted SoTM about this in January, and was told that no updates are forthcoming for the SMS-100, but that a new device would be released soon. I’m not inclined to buy a new device unless there is some sort of upgrade program, since it doesn’t seem reasonable to force customers to buy new hardware in order to get an OS upgrade. Of course, if the existing hardware is just not capable of running a newer version of the software, the lack of a software upgrade would be easy to understand, but I haven’t seen any suggestion that this is the real issue.

All of that said, a new version of the SonicOrbiter software compiled to run on the SMS-100 (purchased, in my case, from Sonore) would be most welcome, even if not supported by SoTM.

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Ah, sorry if I took the thread off track – the issue I had contacted SoTM about was updating the version of Sonic Orbiter used on the SMS-100 to support RAAT, rather than interoperability with Mytek DACs. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

Stuart, I was actually interested in t both RAAT and support for Mytek Manhattan DAC.

I also bought my SMS-100 from Sonore and share your opinions completely.

Fair enough, that I should contact SOtM, however this was a first time I heard of HW not being able to handle any new software. Was it hardcoded into the HW that it cannot take any SW newer than the last release for SMS-100 :wink:

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Danny, I had it working with my Mytek 192 DSD but cannot get it to work with the Mytek Manhattan.

Johan, the last thing we want is an unhappy customer. Understand that this situation has a few obstacles that would need to be overcome and it’s best not to talk about them here. If you need this capability I’m happy to work out something with you on a Sonicorbiter SE. Just send me a private message.

Jesus, I really appreciate that.

Also, I want to be clear that we are talking about a SOtM sMS-100 Mini Sever (discontinued unit) and not a Sonore Sonicorbiter SE. The Sonore Sonicorbiter SE is RoonReady and fully supports the Mytek family of DACs.