Mytek Firewire support

I have a Mytek DAC hooked up to my computer by the Mytek FireWire driver and I don’t get DSD over the fire interface. I’m a bit disappointed because on the other software, JRiver and JPlay, I noticed that FireWire sounds quite a bit better than the USB input.

I do get the DSD sound by setting DSD over PCM (DOP) - but it does not work for DSD128 which is really a shame. I would like to get an update to firewire would work with DSD128 - and I agree on the MYTEK DSD DAC firewire sound significantly better than USB

I didn’t get mine to work with DSP over PCM, although both JPlay and JRiver work fine that way.

Just FYI, when I add in a device like the Schiit Wyrd USB, SOtM USB, or Uptone Audio Regen USB, I get USB sound at least as good as FW, and then have the added benefit of being able to playback DSD 128.