Mytek Liberty DAC Roon Setup

Hi All,

I recently lost my entire Roon backup and had to start from scratch. I am setting up my Liberty for DSD playback in Roon, but can’t seem to hit the sweet spot. For one thing, it does NOT automatically pick the Liberty DAC - when you try to do setup, it states “Liberty”, but then says “Unidentified”. When I try to select the DAC, it gives me a list of Mytek DAC’s, but not the Liberty - only a “Mytek Stereo 192”. Here are the screenshots:

Thanks for helping!

I wonder if Mytek has made a change in their firmware. My DAC still shows up as a Liberty. Which version of the Liberty firmware are you running? I’m still at 1.31, but the latest is 1.35.

Mine shows up with the Liberty NAME, but also as an unidentified device.
In the settings no DSD available.
I believe that the Liberty (still) isn’t fully ROON enabled.
It has the newest firmware.