Mytek Liberty not Roon Tested?

It’s not possible to “identify” my Mytek Liberty in Roon as a tested device, yet it shows in that list on the web.
Will this cause issues?

The list on your screenshot is the same as what Roon list. It does not include the Liberty, apparently.

Well this is what I find on this page:


Fair enough. That matrix is meant to be the definitive list. It shouldn’t be an issue. Roon Tested only means that they have one in house and have confirmed that it works. However, there are lots of DACs that work perfectly without being Roon Tested (or Roon Ready). I am using one now.

Are you experiencing any issues?

I’m not experiencing any issues.
Just wondering why it’s not detected properly and if that could lead to any issues.

It shouldn’t lead to any issues, just the optimal settings won’t be applied automatically.
Manually check e.g. max PCM and DSD sample rate and make sure that all specs of the DAC are reflected properly.

Hello @Magnus_Back, the Mytek Liberty DAC is still working on their certification and you might experience some issues until the certification process is complete. We have a post about uncertified devices available here for reference.

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