Mytek Manhattan II DAC direct connection to Nucleus Plus

When connected directly to the N+ using high quality USB cables to the USB input of the Mytek, the signal drops out from anywhere after a few seconds to a few minutes.

The products have been powered down, cables unplugged and re-plugged, DSP functions disabled, buffer times adjusted etc.

The Nucleus Plus has 4tb of SSD Samsung internal storage.

Hey @VictorS, just letting you know we are looking into this.

We do not currently have a Manhattan II in-house, so we’re flying a little blind, and I believe we have one or two other reports that we’re looking into at the moment.

Can you confirm whether the Nucleus is having issues with other DACs as well, or just the Manhattan II?

Either way, we’ll be in touch soon with more information, and we’ll be confirming with @Mytek_Official about any known issues related to this DAC and Linux. Thanks for your patience.

My instinct would be to try a different USB cable. Just to rule that out.