Mytek Manhattan II vs. Auralic Vega G2?

Hi all,

I’m curious to know if anyone with the Manhattan II did a comparisation with the Auralic Vega G2? These units seems to be quite similar feature-wise, at least on paper, providing a one-box-solution DAC, streamer, pre-amp. Price’s about the same too when adding the optional network card to the Mytek.

The Manhattan II do have a couple more analog inputs and the possibility of adding a phono card and that’s interesting to me. On the other hand, the Vega G2 have a better display, a smaller form factor and can handle higher sampling rates over the network input.

Any thoughts?

I have not heard any of these two but I am very interested to follow this topic, hoping someone can help :wink:
Looking at the few measurement results over the net, it seems Mytek is well measured by Stereophile whereas the Vega G2, is not as well measured on ASR. But the G2.1 has been realised in between which is not so far in term of price and may measure better (tbc). In any case, I think noone can hear these measurement differences.
Personaly, and based on the pictures on the web, I prefer quite much the good looking of the Auralic which seems quite nice to look at (+ screen) whereas the mytek looks like a tuned car (bling-bling, not very elegant).
Here are my 2 cents