MyTek + MQA question

Hello. Not sure if this should be a new post but I will try this and see if there is a response. I just upgraded to a MyTek Liberty DAC with Roon on a laptop running Windows 10 64 bit. The MyTek is playing through my system, but when I listen to a Tidal Master selection the MQA led remains orange, meaning I am getting PCM playback, and not MQA quality (primary reason I upgraded). When I go into Roon / Setup / Audio, I see two entries for the MyTek Liberty (WASAPI and ASIO). Both are disabled. The device that is showing as active, and playing music is “System Output”. When I enable either of the MyTek Liberty options and select them as output, there is no sound, and it shows “nothing playing”. I checked the Windows 10 Sound Control Panel and it shows Speakers / 2 - Liberty DAC as the default device. I downloaded and install the most recent device driver from MyTek and no change.

So, is this all because the Liberty is not yet fully certified? Or do I not have something set up correctly? If its the former I may have to send it back as this is not an inexpensive piece of gear (for my pocketbook ) and I made the purchase to check out the full MQA experience. I have 14 days to return the DAC. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

No it should work fine. I’m listening to mine playing MQA right now with green LED.
Other albums play with blue LED.
I use the ASIO device.

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If you click on the “dot” what does it say?

Thank you ged_hickman1


Thank you for the response and suggestion. Here is what this shows. I see that it is showing “High Quality”, an not “Lossless”. So maybe a setting in WIndows?

Have you rebooted the pc the DAC is attached to with the DAC still connected?

It looks like Roon is decoding MQA before sending it to your Liberty.
Let’s check the audio device setting in Roon.
Is it set to “Decoder and Renderer”? If not then change that.

Thank you again for the response and suggestion. It is set to decoder and render.

As I believe I mentioned, nothing plays through the MyTek Device. I only hear audio via System Output.


However, in WIndows Sound Control Panel I have the MyTek as the default output device.


Thank you again for your attention to this.

It’s unrelated but you can change the DSD setting, no need to convert to PCM.

Also make sure volume in windows is max/fixed.

Is this what you see in the windows device manager?

Oh, btw, which Firmware version are you on? 1.35?

I checked Device Manager early in the process and all looked good. I installed the latest driver when I first was setting it up.

My firmware version is 1.31. I see 1.35 is the most current. I will do that upgrade.

Thank you again for your time and suggestions.

You are outputting to the system mixer, try outputting via wasapi it asio in exclusive mode.

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I think the OPs problem is that ONLY system output shows in roon.

Sorry was not super specific. You need to be using one of the two Mytek USB options to get MQA to the DAC. Going through system output is going through the OS mixer which is not going to be bit-perfect which is what the DAC requires for MQA.

The goal is to figure out why you are not getting sound from either of those two options. If you have another player, like Foobar (which is free), you should be able to test and use the ASIO or Wasapi Mytek driver with it. If it doesn’t work, then maybe something went sideways during the original setup, and, you might remove the drivers and then re-install.


If you look at @Magnus_Back screenshots of his signal path which is MQA compliant through to the DAC it’s to Liberty ASIO. The OP roon has that disabled in roon so he can’t get to use it.
So he’s selected system output in roon as it’s the only one available, he’s hearing sound just not lighting up MQA on the DAC. He wants to figure out how to enable ASIO in roon.
I think.

I’m afraid I can’t comment on how to set up the OP’s laptop, However, I will mention a similar problem I had when I bought a Mytek BrooklynDAC+ for my 2nd system a couple of years ago.

When I set it up in my system, I found that I was not getting MQA decoding from my Brooklyn despite setting the device in Roon as being capable of MQA decoding and rendering. No green or blue MQA display on my DAC when playing MQA content from Tidal via Roon.

I found out with help from Sonore support that out that my Sonore microRendu was not sending a bit-perfect stream to my Brooklyn DAC+, and of course you need a bit-perfect signal for MQA decoding by the DAC to be possible. I could not work out why, but it turned out that there was a ‘volume’ setting in the microRendu configuration that I wasn’t aware of. This volume configuration was set to 70%, and this resulted in the stream to my DAC not being bit perfect. Changing this setting to 100% resulted in the stream from the microRendu into the Brooklyn DAC+ being bit perfect, and my problem being resolved with the appropriate green or blue MQA display on my DAC.

This is something I would not have resolved without support from Sonore.

I just want to point out that the most trivial looking setting on your upstream streaming device can result in the data stream to your Liberty DAC not being bit-perfect.

Can you post a screenshot of roon, settings, audio please.

First, thank you to all for assisting with this.

I did a firmware upgrade to 1.35, but had an issue. It took a couple of instances of pulling the plug and resetting the Liberty before it came up again. So the good news is now I am able to play through the MyTek WASAPI object in Roon. I get a green LED, which is also good. However, I tried several different Tidal masters and none of them show blue. (Could someone offer up a title they confirm shows the blue LED please). Also, in Roon it shows for any Tidal Master files I am getting only 24/44.1. (screen shot here shows same selection that was showing 88.2 kHz from the MQA Core decoder in one of my earlier posts):

I believe its time to open a support case with MyTek. I will provide a full report of the results.

Thank you again for taking your time to assist me.

If you have device volume set, change it to fixed volume. See if that helps.