Mytek sells and do not deliver

I have made an order and paid 50% in advance for a " flagship" Empire DAC and Streamer with Roon software included to be delivered by May 2021.
Not only i did not receive the product, or the money back, but also this Company is still selling the product with a 45 days delivery term.
Please, do not trut in this company, since the president and founder Michal himself is not fulfilling his obligation.
Be aware.

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AFAIK (from my meeting with Michal at CamJam), the Empire is not finished nor ready for shipping yet.

Thanks, but a Company should refund the money to customers after a reasonable period and stop selling a product that cannot deliver. Almost a year delay is not reasonable

Goodness if you include ‘not finished’ due to software then a lot of firms will be going out of business. The patience of devialet and chord poly owners will vouch for that…. I have had both!

If you use a credit card for your purchase, as should always be the case, then have your credit card company remove the charge.

I’ve found that 1) after a reasonable explanation from you of why the charge should be removed, credit card companies will remove the charge the same day and 2) no seller will argue with a credit card company for removing a charge.

There’s no excuse to be unhappy about a purchase you think is a rip-off.

Thanks. Unfortunately, I made a wire transfer. Anyway, my intention is to alert the community about my situation.

You’re not the first customer to complain about them on here.

Really sorry to hear about another bad experience with Mytek and hope you recover the money.

You don’t mention in your post… did you contact Mytek and request a refund?

I agree and was not making any apologies for the company’s lack of response.

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To clarify. I have been in contact with Mytek all this time. Initially with Damian and them with Michal, the President. Excuses and promises for a delivery in " 2 weeks". I had enough and realised I have been too naive when i noticed that they have kept on selling the product on their web site promising a delivery in 45 days. I gave them notice to refund my money and them, no reply whatsoever.

I too have gotten the runaround from that pair in the past.

The lack of response from Mytek recently is very worrying and does nothing for their reputation.

That really stinks. Sorry to hear it.